This is why Ryan is a Champion

August 29th, 2008

Champion Ryan HallAs I get older, it becomes increasingly clear to me that our attitude is the single biggest influence on our lives. So many times I have witnessed people torpedoing themselves because they adopt a destructive attitude and give up their power by blaming others. Far fewer times I have seen people rise to the top because they choose to accept responsibility and adopt a positive attitude.

Ryan Hall’s latest personal blog entry reminds me WHY he is a champion. Yes, he is probably gifted with physical attributes that makes him well-suited for running, but that alone cannot make him, or anyone, a successful athlete. Success relies on attitude. After his 10th place Beijing Olympic Marathon finish, Ryan doesn’t complain or blame, yet he is still honest about his feelings. He is grateful for what was, chooses to see the good, yet still presses on. He has the ATTITUDE of a Champion.

Read the words of a Champion – Ryan’s post-Olympic Marathon blog:

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