3 things that make Randy a unique School Board candidate

October 22nd, 2008

Bear Valley FansSeveral people have asked what makes me unique as a School Board candidate. Here’s a few of them:

1. I currently have children in our School District. My daughter and son started in Big Bear Elementary and now are at Big Bear High. As a parent, I have a current perspective and first-hand knowledge of the impact our schools make on children and their families.

2. I am not retired and I am not an ex-educator. All of the other candidates running are one or the other, and many are both. My background is in business, communications and technology, which gives me a breadth of real-world experience I think will be refreshing and helpful on a well-balanced School Board.

3. I am strong in technology. I’ve bought, taught, fixed, and made technology solutions for many different organizations for many years. I understand computers, and the important role they play in preparing our children for careers after graduation. My technology expertise will helpful to our District as we increase technology proficiency among our educators and students.

Endorsements: A Broad Base of Support

October 21st, 2008

Thumbs UpIt’s always better when someone else says it, and I would encourage others to talk to some of these people to see why they think I would be a good choice for School Board. I am fortunate to have a broad base of community support including:

Bob Angilella
Craig & Jeannie Antes
Ashley Arden
Senator Jim Battin
Cassy & Rich Benson
Gary Berwin
Erin & Tim Brigham
John & Teri Brisson
Kathy Campbell
Julie & Rob Carpenter
Ken Dally
Joelle & John DeLandtsheer
Heather & Ted Devito
Senator Bob Dutton
Malissa Parker Forry
Tina Fraynd
Jim & Trish Gordon
John & Julie Grandi
Gen & Gunny Gunnarson

Joe Haeckel
Mickey Hall
Phil & Sue Hamilton
Liz Harris
Derek Hermon
Steve & Shelli Hirschler
Rebecca Hrabia
Chuck Hulett
Sean & Suzie Jacques
Bill & Mary Jo Jahn
Michael Karp
Gary Keller
Dottie & Tony Kerst
Dick Kun
David Leach
John Levy
Karen Lundgren
Dan McKernan
Sarah Miggins
Stan Miller
Carol Mulvihill
Gina Olvera
Michael & Tanya Perry
Kenny & Sandie Proctor
Monique Rangel
Theresa Reagan-Blood
Chris Riddle
Lisa Rigdon
Sharon & Jay Rizzo
Paul Romero
Janine & Peter Sutherland
Jose Tapia
Dennis Thomas
Brent & Bonnie Tregaskis
Al & Jo Anne Waner
Julann Warren
Tim & Tyler Wood

High-Powered Rocketry Level 1 Certification

October 13th, 2008

Level 1 HPR CertificationI blame my son. His enthusiasm for reaching the heavens has been contagious. At his urging, we have recently attended several high-powered rocketry launches at the nearby Lucerne Dry Lake Bed with the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC). And if you have even a trace of testosterone in your body, you can’t help but get excited each time one of the large rockets launches skyward with a thunderous roar.

RocketeerLevel 1 HPR CertificationSo we started building some smaller rocket kits and have worked our way up to our Tripoli Level 1 Certification, which we achieved at this month’s launch. We had to successfully build, load, launch, and recover our rocket with an “H” size engine. With this certification, we can now fly bigger engines in bigger rockets. This kind of amateur rocketry can eventually lead to scratch-built, cutting edge missiles like we saw at the BALLS 17 experimental launch in Northwestern Nevada over Fall Break. Probably an appropriate past-time for the budding astronaut in the family.

(Here’s some video of our 4″ Goblin ascending on an I-115 W.)